Friday, May 24, 2013


When you hear people passionately defending Monsanto or attacking them please consider a few things.

1. They are not the only company in the entire world doing genetic modification or selling pesticides.

2. They are not 100% evil, and neither are they 100% good 

Also, do some research, find out the answers to these questions from many sources.

1. Does pesticide use increase or decrease in RoundUp Ready systems?

2. Is the health of farm works more or less at risk using conventional pesticides or Bt crops?

3. Does it cost more or less to grow a bushel of a crop using pesticides and/or genetic modification?

4. Which type of breeding (genetic vs conventional) has more risk of food allergens?

I think you'll find the answers are not black & white.  I am not defending or attacking them.  They have did some terrible things to small farmers but they also have created crops and chemicals that help many farmers.

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