Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The beauty of cloud computing

Today my laptop refused to start up.  I've tried everything (safe mode, repair windows, rescue media, re-install Windows) but nothing works.  I've taken it to a person to have it checked out but its not looking promising.

So am I inconvenienced? Yes - I don't have my usual hardware to do my daily tasks.  However, most everything  I need to do for communication (email, Twitter, Feedly) I can do on my phone so I just switch devices.

Did I lose data? No - I have everything based in the cloud.  I use Evernote for storing everything I want to read or be able to find later.  I use Skydrive to hold all of my documents.  My photos automatically upload to Dropbox.

I still will need to get a new computer (if it can't be fixed).  That will take time to setup again (downloading files, putting on programs) but not nearly as much lost time as if I had lost data.  Besides, I can still keep doing things as long as I can find another computer with internet (which I'm doing right now).

I think I will still need a Windows based computer.  I have programs that only fully function on Windows.  Do I need one that is touch screen?  Do I need one that can switch between tablet & laptop?  Any suggestions?

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